X-Men: Magneto & Psylocke1

I don’t watch superhero movies much, but I watched that X-Men: First Class movie, which tells the origin story behind Professor X and Magneto. Really nerdy stuff. Then I started looking around for X-Men comics and recommendations.

Did you know that there are nearly 5 billion X-Men comics? It’s a fact.

So if you wanted to read those where do you start? The beginning from the 1960s? It might not be so practical to do that and read all 5 billion comics.

X-Men: First Class reminded me of how much I loved the saturday morning X-Men cartoons from the 90s that aired on Fox. When I was a kid this was about super-mutants with their mutant super powers and the battle between good and evil. But watching the origin stories made me think of the obvious: this isn’t really about mutants, it’s about being an outcast. X-Men is about not being accepted into general society and having to create your own community in which you are accepted.

I guess that’s why nerds love X-Men.

Also, lasers and costumes.

  1. Photo by Robert Ziegler and used under a Creative Commons license