The story behind this project, “Tropes vs. Women in Video Games“, is that the creator was subjected to harassment by sexist male game players. But what caught my eye is how much she raised.

The fundraising goal of her project is $6000. She raised about $160,000—$154,000 over her goal.

I’ve always thought it was strange what rises to the top at Kickstarter. The great thing about Kickstarter is that it has the potential to democratize funding for projects. But the ones that float to the top, and go over their goals by significant margins, always seem to be projects about indie games, design work, 8-bit album arrangements, and Apple accessories.

Compare that to cartoonist Ted Rall, who got increasingly bitter when his project failed to meet its goals…not just by a little bit, but by a huge margin.

The obvious explanation is that Kickstarter’s success is largely driven by internet culture: weblog writers, twitter users, reddit users1, and Apple, uh, enthusiasts. Heavier iPhone docks? These are the kinds of things they care about.

It makes me think that Kickstarter is a great place to get your iPhone accessory company off the ground, but not much else. I hope what’s really going on is that Kickstarter just hasn’t gotten beyond this core group of funders; nerds that are interested in listening to classic albums redone in chiptune style, but not much else.

  1. Especially reddit users. Smug reddit users. How else can you explain atheist shoes