On narcissistic personality disorders stemming from social media use:

Lynne Malcolm: Do you notice people posting on Facebook that are just so obsessed with themselves?

Emily Jacobs: Definitely, if not themselves it’s where they are going and what they are doing. I have noticed a few people who will post something at every location they’re at and post lots, and lots, and lots of photos either of themselves or with other people but they always seem to be social 24/7 when obviously you realise they are not like that. But when they portray this you know online personality of being a very social person and yeah, somebody really into themselves and wants to promote themselves I suppose and you notice—oh, they’re having some fun but you just not sure about how much they promoting themselves.

I’ve been coming around to the idea that the people who are always posting about themselves, their menial accomplishments, their latest meals, their check-ins at restaurants, aren’t completely to blame for this problem. I think they are actively encouraged to post these kinds of thing and this is the backlash.