From Not To HOT!

One of the things I like most about Mark’s Daily Apple are the Real Life stories he runs every Friday. I like seeing before and after photos because they show progress and demonstrate how regular people can change.1

Plus, I’ll be a male pig and say it: almost every time Mark runs a profile on a young woman it begins with a ghastly looking photo and ends with someone I want to “take to the cave.”2

This story of an anorexic overcoming her eating disorder and adding strength training to her workout is no different. Wowzers…to both photos. Starts with her body ravaged by anorexic abuse and ends with someone who would turn heads entering a room.

I’ve been thinking about how “I want to be healthier” may be the biggest lie in fitness. I think most people’s desire to get in shape has almost nothing to do with health and nearly everything to do with vanity. Shallow? Perhaps. But I think attractiveness is a much better progress indicator than getting healthier. You can’t really measure your triglycerides every week, but you can sure tell if you’re on the right track if your pants start getting looser and your complexion clears up.

  1. Although, I feel like I’m being tricked when I go to r/progresspics and see a lot of posts marked NSFW. 

  2. Which is paleo for “bang”