Yuppie TV

In the years to come, America would get other glimpses of this culture in Mad About You, Ally McBeal, Frasier, and The West Wing, among others, but no show ever focused with the same laser intensity on the culture that thirtysomething depicted—understandably, because the people who live in that culture do not make up much of the audience for network television series, and those who are the core demographic for network television series are not particularly fond of the culture that thirtysomething portrayed. It was the emerging culture of the new upper class.

Murray, Charles, Coming Apart, Location 405. Kindle Edition1

I’d posit that this divide has gotten even wider since many of the yuppie tv shows are now on cable (Mad Men, almost everything on HBO) and network TV is filled with dancing and singing criticism.

Could also be why NBC gets low ratings: they target yuppies with shows like The Office and Parks and Recreation and get low viewership as a result.

As long as I’m throwing out TV generalizations, can we all agree that CBS is for old people? It even comes up in search autosuggests.


  1. There’s got to be a better way to cite Kindle books than this.