Where Else Is There To Go

Facebook’s stock dipped under $30 per share today. While the stock price takes a dive from the initial $38 per share it doesn’t seem like the userbase has taken a similar nosedive.

During a Memorial Day gathering I made a lame joke about how I was going to start investing in stocks so I could “get some of that Facebook money.” That led to a conversation about the site and how the demographic that I thought was dropping it were still very active in it, talking about so and so’s status update, and did you see that photo, yadda yadda. They appear to be heavy Facebook users, but prefer Skype for messaging, chatting, and voice calls.

So maybe Facebook has some staying power after all.

One thing you may read about Facebook is how it’s a fad. The next thing is going to come out and knock it off the top. But after seeing what’s going on with this stock you’ve got to wonder who in their right mind would actually want to put forth the effort to do that. What reward is there? You could have 900 million users and it still doesn’t mean jack. Just look at how much the site is actually valued in the stock market and the skepticism around its advertising model, the site’s only source of income. What good is 900 million users if you can’t make money off of them?

If Facebook is on the way out where else is there to go?