Well, that’s one way to build an email list

This author claims one of the newspapers in my area is trying to set a dangerous precedent.

At a public hearing on the budget, LGSD1 asked for people who wanted to receive budget information from the district to sign up to an email newsletter. Those interested provided their email addresses (to the district).

But a critic of the school board inexplicably felt he was somehow entitled to those email addresses, so he could give these people his version of things. The Post-Star, even more inexplicably, backed his Freedom of Information request, under some demented notion of “transparency.”

Crazy. And if you don’t think this is a big deal, go to whitehouse.gov right now and you’ll see this.


Imagine if they had to hand over your email address to some party because of Freedom of Information.

  1. LGSD = A public school district in my area.