This isn’t HTML

Dr. Drang on Markdown editors:

…this isn’t HTML or LaTeX. Trying to remember a dozen or more hotkey combinations to do things that are both relatively rare and easily accomplished with a small amount of normal typing seems like the wrong thing to be using your brain for.

I think the reason we see so many markdown/text-editing feature comparisons is because the Mac and iOS software market has been flooded with editors. But Markdown is such a simple syntax to follow that, unless you’re doing some heavy-duty writing, most of the features aren’t really that useful.

For me I settled on Byword and haven’t looked back. I don’t make use of many of the shortcuts, but when I do it’s because someone sent me a Word document that I need to format into HTML. That’s when I’m glad that shortcuts that turn each line into a list item are there. Without that it would be much more tedious.