This guy is pissed

Glenn Pendlay on what his son gets fed in school:

They give the kids candy. A lot of candy. For every conceivable reason. Every birthday in the class is an excuse for the kid to bring “treats” and hand them out. The “treats” are always candy. Obviously every holiday is an excuse for some sort of party. And these parties always include candy. They reward the kids for various things. Reading a certain number of books. No one being tardy or late coming in from recess. And these rewards are often candy. They get candy on the first day of school. Candy on the last day of school. Candy at the book fair. At the very least one day a week, often more, there is an excuse for the handing out of candy. Often not just one little treat, but enough that they bring that crap home.

And this pisses me off. Because how is a parent supposed to combat that? Do I tell the teacher that when all the other kids in class get these treats, my child is not allowed? Yeah right, have my kid be the lone kid who doesn’t get to participate. Anyone who remembers how it feels to be a kid trying to fit in knows this isn’t a good solution.