“The Hunger Games Is A Sexist Fairy Tale”

I had real problems with the hornet’s nest and the ending where Katniss doesn’t really have to kill the one who loves her and actually uses that attraction to get ahead.1

Katniss is proclaimed to, finally, be a strong female lead, but she isn’t really that remarkable. Aside from volunteering for the Hunger Games and learning how to use a bow and arrow, Katniss doesn’t really do anything to advance her story. She is a victim of the world she lives in, like Cinderella and Aurora / Sleeping Beauty. All three live in a messed up world world in which, magically, they are saved.

In their story endings, Cinderella and Aurora are saved by men; princes who wed them and turn them into princesses so they can live in royalty for the rest of their lives. But Katniss is saved by a plot twist so that she doesn’t have to compromise her principles and kill Peeta, someone who she teamed up with to take out the other participants, and face the ugliest parts of her psyche to survive.

That’s not a strong female character. That’s just a lucky female character. The whole story is a cop-out.

  1. I didn’t see The Hunger Games, but I read the book, so I don’t know what the differences are between them.