Shave dat neck hair

That barber I go to shaves the back of my neck with a straight razor. He’ll put shaving cream on my neck and go to town.

Problem is that neck hair grows back between haircuts. My regular cut schedule is about every 6 weeks, so between cuts I either have to shave the back of my neck myself or be okay with looking like I just got taken out of a foxhole like this guy.

I wasn’t happy with my method for figuring out if I should get a haircut: seeing if I can run my fingers through the hair on the back of my neck. For the past month I’ve been following the suggestion of this guy on Youtube. Once a week or so I shave the back of my neck…blind. I place my finger on my hairline and shave up to that with a standard cartridge razor (I’m not brave enough to do it with my Futur). I use a handheld mirror to check my work.

That way I don’t look like a terrorist that just got taken out of a foxhole.

HOWEVER — doing it this way you’ll end up exchanging one problem for another. You’ll get rid of all your unsightly fur, but you run the risk of having a messed up hairline on the back of your neck. Then you get in this situation:


I’ve been okay with taking this risk, thinking that by the time I’ve done this six times I’ll be going to get a professional cut anyway.