Looking past a green icon I don’t like

My brother has made the switch to Macs. He reports that iTap Mobile RDP is an excellent remote desktop application for connecting to terminals through Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Protocol. It’s pretty good from what I’ve tried. Doesn’t feel like a local install, but feels much better than what I’ve tried from CoRD and Microsoft’s own RDP app for Macs.

But this app wouldn’t even exist if Microsoft’s own Remote Desktop Connection app wasn’t so horrible poor in comparison. Reviews for iTap are like “The ONLY app on the Mac App store that supports RDP.” That’s unfortunate. I had heard great things about Screens and was hoping there was more competition in RDP applications.

Plus the iTap icon is ugly.

If you can get past the ugly icon, the long name,1 and how you shouldn’t need to buy a Remote Desktop Protocol app on principle because Microsoft’s application is crummy, then maybe iTap is for you.

But if you’ve got recommendations for a halfway decent app for Microsoft RDP connections I’m all ears: dan@barbarism.net

  1. Why not just iTap? Why is it iTap mobile? And want to know why it’s called iTap Mobile RDP? It’s because it sets it apart from iTap Mobile VNC, which is another product they sell for connecting to VNC servers. Why not just put VNC and RDP into one app?

    They have three remote desktop apps for Mac/iOS users.

    How iTap Mobile RDP for OS X is mobile I don’t know. They should just call it iTap RDP and leave the Mobile moniker for iOS and Android.