Figure Noodling


Two things about Figure.

1. Figure is my new music noodling thing

It fits right into the 20 Seconds idea that I’ve abandoned. Figure is right on my phone with me all of the time and I can play with that on the toilet instead of playing Doodle Jump and dropping the iPhone into the toilet OH DAMMIT NOT AGAIN!

2. Don’t overthink how to record your Figure noodlings

There’s currently no save function in Figure, but until there is you can just record its output onto your computer.

But here I am with Logic Pro and an M-Audio interface thinking I’m inconvenienced because I’ll have to buy a Y-adaptor to take a ⅛-inch plug and output it into two separate ¼-inch inputs to record my Figure noodles. Meanwhile, there’s a perfectly good ⅛-inch input on my computer.1

  1. Pointed out here via Shawn Blanc