Good article on Epic Games. This quote from Cliff Bleszinksi struck me:

“…there’s this certain amount of nerd cred and nerds love that, like a Tim Schafer, Gabe Newell gets that I don’t get,” he said. “And I think the first step was removing my douche-y earrings. For some reason, once I got rid of the douche-y earrings, that got [me] a lot of cred. And proving that I am a relatively intelligent person and trying to curse less. I mean all of these little things add up.”

I began my freshman year of college about a year after Unreal Tournament was released. It quickly became a sunday afternoon treat to play over the college LAN against other people. It was a good icebreaker and I made some of my first college friends that way.1

At the time I was interested in gaming journalism. I remember reading an article on Cliff Bleszinski in the fall of 2001 when someone I played UT with visited my dorm room. They saw my hulking 17″ CRT computer monitor with some short guy with gold earrings (or a necklace?) on the display.

“Who’s that?” they asked.

“That guy? He created Unreal Tournament.”


  1. Unreal Tournament games were then displaced by Counterstrike matches, which somehow brought in more heated rivals. My favorite story I heard was of a student going to someone else’s room after a match at 2 in the morning and loudly accusing him of cheating. After making a ruckus, demanding he sit down at his opponent’s computer to find the cheat hacks, he was thrown out of the building by an RA. He then broke down and cried.

    I don’t know if any of that is true.