The Slow Death of MP3 Blogging

I used to follow a lot of those kinds of blogs that would post music recommendations to Megaupload or whatever site, but Spotify and Rdio put a stop to that.

The main problem with social music is that it’s mostly just scrobbling. Nobody takes the time, at least from what I’ve seen, to write a paragraph or so about the music they like. All we get is a stream of scrobbles.

That’s actually why I like things like Ping, This Is My Jam, and Rdio posts compared with just scrobbles to and Facebook music. When someone posts about music on these services it’s usually mindful, not just a scrobble. They picked one thing out of hundred or so things they might have listened to recently. They said “Hey, you—don’t miss this.”

What we’re missing is an independent platform which would make it easy to follow people who recommend music and add it to your Rdio, Spotify, or whatever service you’re using. could be that. They should steal borrow the idea of the Facebook wall and Rdio dashboard.