Season Two of the Walking Dead Summarized SPOILERZ

So after that whole CDC thing blew up we stopped on a highway. Some little girl got lost, so we looked for her and then my kid got shot accidentally by a farmer. So the farmer took us in for a bit, but they’re fucked up because they’ve been holding zombies in this barn. Get this—one of them was that little girl. Huh, funny story, right?

Anyway, we killed them all dead. Even the little girl. It was an awkward dinner conversation.

After that we hunkered down for a bit. Some more people got eaten by zombies, and then I killed my friend because he was all threatening-like.

Look – it’s complicated. He probably got my wife pregnant, but I’m going to put that out of my mind because…because zombies, that’s why.

That buddy of mine? After he died he turned into a zombie and my son shot him. Then a horde of zombies overran the farm, a bunch of people got eaten, and we had to flee.

Also, the rest of my crew was pretty upset that I didn’t tell them they’d all turn into zombies after they died. We also lost the crazy blonde chick. I hope she runs into that ninja lady from the comic books.

We set up camp. There’s a jail nearby, but you wouldn’t know that if it wasn’t for the comic and the camera pan out. Guess that’s where we’re going next.