Rdio Solved The Wrong Problem

Rdio says Spotify is boring, but it’s “boring” to serve a purpose: quickly finding what you want to listen to.

I’m giving the new Rdio a month, but so far I don’t think they’ve solved this problem. They’ve made it prettier, which is nice, but I don’t stare at my music app. I play what I want, hide the app, and come back later.

Since Rdio is still a web-based app things still feel slow. You wait for songs to load in Spotify too, but in Rdio you also wait for the interface to load.

If you don’t think the web-based thing is a problem try deleting more than one track from a playlist. Or see if you build the habit of adding to a playlist and checking the playlist to see if the track was actually added, like I did after somehow adding the same track to a playlist 3 times even though I didn’t even take action on that track.

That’s the real problem to solve.