“No More Fog In Silent Hill” by Filipe Salgado

There is a long walk into town, at the beginning of the game, along a forested path. In its original incarnation the walk is all foreplay, a piece of moody tension that makes you tight as piano wire before you’re even in any real danger. There is no music, just James, breathing, the soft carpet of leaves giving way to each step, the dense fog obscuring everything but a few steps around you. A growl can be heard, then loud barks. Spin around and there’s nothing. Behind you is the road you came in on, and that leads nowhere. So you charge forward, the sounds get louder, the intensity boiling over, and you reach a gate and jam on the X button.

Play that scene again in the HD Collection: James starts to walk down the winding road. He doesn’t really walk, but keeps putting his right foot forward, kicking into the air, like he’s doing an early-morning Riverdance. The game slows in parts, the disc revving up in the drive, shredding the seamless pace into confetti.