Dr. Drang’s Twitter Rules

I like this one:

When you RT and add your own bon mot, you’re not showcasing someone else’s tweet, you’re just using it to show how terribly clever you are.

People who old style retweet only do so because they want everyone to know how great they are and they’re selfishly promoting themselves more than the original tweet.

You may note that two of the people I follow, Rob Corddry and Albert Brooks, violate this rule repeatedly, and it hasn’t caused me to unfollow them. True enough, but be honest with yourself: Are you as funny as Rob Corddry? Are you sure about that?

Rob Delaney has great old style RTs, even when they aren’t really RTs. In fact, the way he uses them shows why Twitter was right to do away with them. It’s easy to make fake ones.

It’s hard to make funny ones.