Mainstage 2.2 Update Not Available for Boxed Copies

If you have the boxed copy of Logic Studio you’re missing out on the latest update for Mainstage 2. My version of Mainstage with all updates applied is 2.1.3.

I read about this release and went to software update to grab it, but it isn’t available for boxed copies. Looks like it’s only available for copies purchased on the Mac App Store.

If you thought you would get Mainstage 2.2 for free since it’s a minor update, you’re wrong. From the release notes.

MainStage 2.2 is a feature upgrade for MainStage 1.0 and 2.0 customers available for purchase on the Mac App Store.

I can understand the frustration behind comments like this:

I really don’t mind paying for major updates. Truly I don’t. Logic 7, Logic 8, Logic 9. Bought them all.

However, if Apple is going to nail me $30 (for Mainstage, or even $200 for Logic Pro) for MINOR upgrades that fix CRITICAL bugs, then **** this ****.

Apple has been updating Logic Pro 9 boxed copies at the same time the update for the Mac App Store version hits. Why not do the same for Mainstage?

The justification for it, at least on threads like this, is that it’s a feature update.1 With that logic (no pun intended) then Logic Pro 9.2, if it happens, may not be available as a free upgrade for those of us who bought Logic Studio boxed copies.

  1. Did people who purchased Mainstage before 2.2 on the Mac App Store also have to pay for this feature update?