Don’t tase him bro

Answer by a former patrol office from a question on Quora about getting a TASER for home defense:

Before I get too far into this, a word on the burglary situation as a whole. The first tool you should reach for in the case of a home invasion is a phone. As soon as you know that the sound you heard wasn’t the wind after all, you need to call the police immediately. Don’t “just go check it out.” Don’t wait until you’re 100% certain it’s not your cat. Don’t start fashioning yourself as a Navy Ninja Jedi Seal. Call the police. This is not a waste of time, you won’t get accused of “filing a false report” or “wasting officers’ time” or anything of the sort, and no officer worth the brass in their badge is going to bat an eye about checking this out. I did this all the time, happily, because it was my job. Believe me, out of all the phone calls that could stem from this situation, this is by far the most desirable. Call the police.