“Streaming Dreams” by John Seabrook

Youtube wants to be more than cat videos.

This paragraph made me think of that Rupert Murdoch tweet.

In e-mails that later became the centerpiece of a billion-dollar copyright-infringement suit brought by Viacom against YouTube, in 2007, both Karim and Chen advocated a laissez-faire response toward copyrighted content. If the content owners asked YouTube to take a video down, the site would comply; otherwise, the founders would leave it. Hurley presciently wrote, “OK man, save your meal money for some lawsuits.” But he, too, went along with the relaxed approach.

And that tweet:

Today it feels like there’s three Youtubes. There’s the one we all know that’s awash with copyrighted material that usually has no better, or legal, alternative to view online. Then there’s the one run by teenagers that’s full of make up tips, green screens, and busty ladies with freaky eyes who teach Japanese in low-cut tops.

And that makes money.

After that, it’s the niche underground.