iTunes Match Distrust

Check out this weird behavior. Sometimes iTunes just plows through music, updating the play counts with it.

I’m accessing these on a non-primary Mac’s iTunes library with iTunes Match enabled. If I open some of these songs in Quicktime I get that stutter sound that sounds like a glitch from a Squarepusher album, if it plays at all. This example features tracks that were not matched, but were uploaded from my personal library.1 Somewhere an error occurred that iTunes didn’t catch.

With iTunes Match sometimes tracks get skipped. Sometimes tracks don’t get matched that should get matched. And from an iOS device (and sometimes on other Macs) Last Played and Play counts don’t get updated.

I love iTunes match, but I don’t trust it.

  1. Also downloaded from Bandcamp in AAC…so maybe iTunes Match just doesn’t like some encodings.