Interview with Devin Shatsky on Silent Hill Downpour

PSB: Which Silent Hill game would you say most closely compares to Downpour?

DS: Definitely Silent Hill 2. Downpour has a standalone story that’s not tied to any other Silent Hill game, so it’s taking the broader concept back to its roots. Silent Hill 2 was one of the big fan favorites in the series, so we took elements that were appealing in that game and integrated them here.

Please don’t suck.

DS: On a side note, we also signed up Korn to perform the title song for Silent Hill Downpour. It’s not a heavy metal sound, it’s a very different sound for Korn. They’ve actually sort of changed gears lately in terms of their sound. But they’re only doing the intro song, not the in-game music.

Doesn’t help much, but I guess this is fine.

Also notable is that this is the first Silent Hill title without an Akira Yamaoka soundtrack. Daniel Licht, the composer for Dexter, will score.