“Angry Words” by Reeves Wiedeman

I’m late to the iPhone word games (like Scrabble and the Zynga game that’s clearly a ripoff of Scrabble and then somehow makes you buy tokens or something). You think all these games are better electronically since you don’t have to clean up and you can’t lose pieces, but it’s way too easy to just keep guessing until you find a word that works.

Also, I thought reading books would expand my vocabulary, but if that’s your goal you should just play Scrabble. I haven’t thought “the computer cheats!” since I was a little kid with a Othello on Nintendo. In this example I’m playing against the computer on Easy. With the first turn I play car. The computer follows up with unary.

IMG 0029

(esp. of a mathematical operation) consisting of or involving a single component or element.

That’s easy mode.