The Jurassic Park Cult

“Now, what about Jurassic Park Europe?” I ask, trying to impress Terry. “Hammond said he’d bought a tract in the Azores.”

“If you look at the slide show in the luncheon scene, you’ll see a reference to Jurassic Park Europe,” Terry says.

Did you non-fanboys follow that? I’m taking a single, unremarkable line from Crichton’s novel and weaving it into the larger Jurassic canon. That’s pretty good. But then Terry, my Jedi master, is doing me one better. He’s pointing to a shot exactly 37 minutes and eight seconds into the first movie in which the words “Jurassic Park Europe” are never mentioned but are projected onto a wall. That’s just crazy-good.

I had no idea one existed. Maybe the first clue was that Jurassic Park musical that was staged in a back yard.