The Empire Wants A Rebrand

If I were starting a new marketing and design firm from scratch I would do this for exposure. Besides Galactic Empire propaganda materials go all out and offer a complete package for business cards, print ads reminiscent of gas company ads about wind energy, and new logo design.

When I watch Star Wars I wonder if I’m being set up to believe the Empire is inherently evil, especially with emblems like this:


But then again, there’s only one other logo I can think of that, today, looks inherently evil. That would be the Nazi party’s swastika. But did it feel that way when it first came out in the 1920s, or was I taught that the symbol represents hatred and adjusted my feelings toward swastika appropriately.

A design firm could offer a rebrand for National Socialists, but it’s way safer to do it for the Galactic Empire.

What it could also prove is how useless a corporate/organizational rebrand would be without an organization really changing its ways…in the case, hunting down Jedi knights, killing younglings, and force-choking people to death. It would feel like watching videos about how shrimp in the gulf coast was fine to eat after the BP explosion.1

  1. This actually exists, and you’ll rightly feel some skepticism.