The Lazy Tax

Good points on Games on Demand on Xbox Live. Games served on demand always cost more than the physical disc, and installing them requires hard drives that you can’t just buy OEM—all just so you don’t have to move your ass and to prop up retail.

I actually prefer having the physical disc, not just because they’re cheaper but because I have the ability to resell it, lend it out, or get rid of it somehow after I’m done with it.1 All stuff that isn’t in the best interest of Microsoft or game developers.

  1. By the way, I HIGHLY recommend to do this kind of stuff. Before the winter break I picked up Alan Wake and Fallout New Vegas used for $10 each. Each of these came out at $60 last year. As of this writing Fallout New Vegas is $40 on demand and Alan Wake is $30 on demand. I don’t think I’ve played a single game that is worth paying the $60 launch price.