I Am an Old Asian Woman Seductress With Good Explosive and Lockpicking Skills

In Fallout New Vegas.

Fallout: New Vegas is awesome

When I play games that ask you to choose between good and evil, I usually pick good. I model my character after myself and make decisions based on how I think real-life me would make them, so I end up being a good guy with decent negotiating skills, good-enough strength, bad agility and lockpicking, and mediocre computer hacking skills.

And I don’t blow up cities.

But since Fallout 3 is expansive, and I rushed through the main campaign as myself, I figured I’d start New Vegas as what I think is the polar opposite of myself: an old asian lady who can blow things up and seduce men (and/or women?) to get her way.

Part of that is because of that article by Tom Bissell about how most people play Mass Effect as a male. I don’t think it’s sexist, I think that’s just how Mass Effect is set up to be played. You’re guided to play as the protagonist on the box. But Fallout doesn’t set players up like that. There’s no mention of what or who the main character is at all.

I think it’s easier to play these kinds of games as yourself. In a small way it’s a cop-out. Would I blowup Megaton for a quick buck? In InFamous, Would I take the food so I could eat for a week? No to both. But if I were an Asian MILF who uses her powers of seduction to get her way, but constantly faces difficulty doing that because she’s so old so she resorts to blowing things up and performing other unethical duties to survive in a post-apocalyptic nuclear wasteland, maybe I would.

So we’ll see how this goes. I guess I’ll learn more about myself by trying to be someone I’m not.