You Down with AvP? No, Not Really.

I’m not into winter sports and activities, so cold weather is what I call Xbox weather. I’ve started off this season of my winter olympics by finishing the Aliens vs. Predator game from last year.

The AvP game from the early 2000s was one of my favorites on the PC. I’d set aside some time to play it, turn off all the lights, close my windows, and have the marine campaign let me relive the Aliens movie for the first time again.

But this version from 2010 felt like more of the same. Instead of feeling like I’m playing the Aliens movie, I felt like I was playing a rehash of the earlier game.

All my enjoyment of this mostly applies to the marine campaign. As an alien I’d climb walls and ceilings and get disoriented. The Predator campaign feels like the marine campaign as an afterthought, but with cooler toys. And the finishing moves don’t make a whole lot of sense to perform, especially while people are shooting at you. Also, what’s the point of harvesting all the civilians as an alien? They don’t turn into little face huggers that can assist you. They don’t do much of anything from what I could tell.

I wish that instead of making the same game three times—for marine, alien, and predator—they would just make a really awesome marine campaign instead of making you play through the same levels differently.

Aliens vs. Predator: Not horrible, but if you aren’t a fan of Aliens or Predators, skip.