Uncommon Achievements and Trophies

I’ve been dabbling on Playfire, giving it all my online game accounts so it can track my achievements on Steam, PSN, and Xbox Live (my old ones). One thing that Playfire can do is show you all a game’s achievements/trophies and show you how common they are.

You risk getting something spoiled for you, but it’s interesting to me how uncommon game completions are. You can generally see a downward curve as achievements are found later in the game. Take Fallout 3, what I’m playing through lately1. The trophy I received last night has only been unlocked by about 45% of players. I’m only about 5 hours into it.

Some other examples.

Only 33% of players finished that Aliens vs. Predator Game.


In Mega Man 9 on Xbox Live, only 17% of players finished the game (IT IS HAAAAARD).


I don’t think these are completely accurate. The RE5 page claims that 100% of those tracked completed the game.

But it’s very common that all these games that people enjoy, like the highly-hyped Skyrim right now, will never be finished by those who play them. Some of my friends have hyped up a game to me only to move on to the next thing to come out.

The process of walking around a nuclear wasteland is more appealing than finding your dad…or finding your dad isn’t worth 30 hours.

  1. My thoughts on Fallout 3 so far are probably best represented by tweets I made while playing, in chronological order. Joel asked me how I liked it. I like it like it’s a sore tooth I can’t stop poking.