Skryim buggy on the PS3

And David Houghton blames the players for excusing Bethesda and letting it slide:

They’ve been getting away with it for years, and that’s why as much as I’m loving Skyrim (on my 360), I can never truly support Beth as a company. Name one Bethesda-developed game in recent memory that has been released in an acceptable technical state. You can’t, because there aren’t any.

Development on PS3 is sometimes noted as difficult1 compared to the Xbox. The reason it’s called Xbox is because it’s a box that runs DirectX, Microsoft’s development platform for games. If you’re going to release on PC and consoles, like Bethesda does, it makes more sense to do it the Microsoft way.2

That’s not a legitimate excuse for neglecting PS3 development, but I think it’s at least some insight for why cross-platform games on the PS3 aren’t as good as they could be.

  1. Sony executives say that’s on purpose to weed out the amateurs. That sounds like nonsense. 

  2. I think a case could be made that this is the reason why there’s a high-level of platform agnosticism nowadays. The same games are everywhere because Microsoft has made inroads with their development tools, but if you’re going to release on consoles you might as well make a PS3 version. The choice between 360 and PS3 becomes less about games and more about console features.