Penguin Kindle eBooks No Longer Available From Libraries

From my local library system:

The Southern Adirondack Library System received no notification of this fact before it was implemented by Overdrive and Penguin USA. OverDrive has confirmed the details, stating on its Digital Library blog that the company was “instructed to suspend availability of new Penguin eBook titles from Library catalogs and disable Get for Kindle functionality for all Penguin eBooks.

Similar to labels pulling their music from streaming services, publishers are wondering what’s in this for them.

This isn’t Adobe ebooks, it’s just Kindle lending. I don’t think this is simply publishers trying to latch onto a dying business model. I think there may be onerous terms. On the other hand, I don’t doubt that Kindle lending is the most popular form of electronic lending for libraries. So just like how it seems that things just disappear from streaming services when they become popular, the same thing is happening now in libraries.