“Harvard Is Burning” by Lee Siegal

Siegal’s attack on the liberal elite1, their attitude on Obama, the middle class, and more.

What liberals need to do to win the Republican base is to transplant it to more nurturing soil. Instead of regarding the Other Side with hatred and contempt, you have to find the point at which you both share the same humanity in the course of living through everyday experience. You have to concede that there are decent, rational and responsible people among your political adversaries who happen to look at life differently than you.

The thing I dislike most about criticism from the left (and I’m guilty of this too) is how we can’t be critical without being smug about it. The act of making a Sarah Palin joke is more attractive than putting any thought towards what a policy should be and how to enact it.

  1. Which isn’t that well defined aside from a few examples—but I guess I can get behind criticism of The Huffington Post.