“Why I’m Kissing Spotify Goodbye” by Brett Kelly

Kelly touches on similar feelings I’ve had with these streaming apps. Spotify has no sense of collection. Rdio’s UI feels too slow, even on iOS. But iTunes feels just right. It’s speedy. It works with software like Quicksilver and Launchbar. It’s software that’s an extension of my personality because everything that’s in it is something I’ve made a decision to make a part of my life.

The “Music As Water” approach is admirable. It’s simple. It’s inexpensive. It makes it really easy to check out the latest music, things your friends recommend to you,1 and tunes you wouldn’t normally listen to. But boy does it create a flood. Rather than revisiting my favorite albums I find myself always listening to whatever is new.

You can’t fall in love with music that way.

  1. Ever notice that when somebody says “you know what you would really like?” they really mean “you know what I really like that I want other people to like?” The most fun I’ve had with Spotify sharing is sending Günther tracks to people.