It’s difficult to find good Halloween movies. Lately it seems like lots of horror movies have been focused on gross-out scenes like the ones in the Saw movies. They can be fun, but graphic scenes aren’t my thing. I like movies that can draw me in without buckets of blood and guts1 and that’s why I think you should watch Timecrimes.

Don’t watch the trailer. Just rent it from Netflix or whatever source you use to get movies these days. It’s not really a slasher, but I think it fits in pretty well for this time of year.

Okay, yeah – it’s in Spanish. If subtitles and english dubs aren’t for you then maybe you should wait for the Hollywood remake that’s supposedly coming any year now. There’s also a movie very similar to this that takes place on a cruise ship. I forget the name,2 but you should watch this one first.

Timecrimes—watch it.

  1. The 1970s Dawn of the Dead is full of Tom Savini’s blood, guts, and special effects, but it’s one of my favorite movies because they’re used to show the post-zombie-apocalypse world as the film’s true horror, rather than just relying on scenes of somebody being eviscerated at a love-tester machine for shock value. 

  2. EDIT: It’s Triangle