“Nearly unlistenable”

An Amazon reviewer on Lindsey Buckingham’s new album:

As usual, this is a brilliant album, full of some of Lindsey’s best and weirdest material. Also as usual, the album is mastered LOUD so that much of the nuance of the sound is missing. I wish that Lindsey hadn’t succumbed to the record company mantra of “MAKE IT LOUD” and that he had allowed the music to shine through. Four stars for the album, minus three for the fact that it’s nearly unlistenable.

Other commenters disagree, saying it sounds fine.

I wonder how much of that has to do with the Amazon MP3 Exclusive work. Did this and the other digital music formats get a separate master that sounds good over white earbuds?

This is now what I think when I see an album with “Amazon MP3 Exclusive” in its title.