Logic Pro X rumored to be nearly completed

A Japanese site is claiming that Logic Pro X is coming soon with a few changes:

  • Mainstage will be sold separately
  • Waveburner will be integrated into the Logic Pro application
  • No more Soundtrack Pro included

I wouldn’t be surprised. It’s been about two years since version 9 and the past two Logic releases have come out around the end of summer.

Obvious guess is that it would go on the Mac App Store, but don’t forget that this is an application that currently comes on multiple discs to install tons of loops and samples. We’re talking gigs and gigs and gigs of content. IF that’s the direction Apple goes Logic Pro X would be one of the largest applications on the App Store.

Also, Logic Pro X has been the rumored name for Logic Pro releases before. The name seems more plausible given the new Final Cut name.

As for price, I’d guess an App Store distributed Logic Pro could be anywhere around $199-$249. And Logic Express? Say goodbye to that.