Add to playlist clicks

With Spotify now requiring Facebook for new accounts I thought I’d go back to Rdio for a bit and see how things have improved in the past few months. But I find that things take a lot of clicks in Rdio.

Whenever I’ve thought of Rdio as slower than iTunes, I think I’m really talking about the amount of things I need to do to take action on something. For a direct comparison here are the fastest ways I know to add the currently playing song to a playlist in iTunes, Spotify, and Rdio.


Hit Command+L to select the currently playing song in iTunes (does this count as a click?)

Right click the song.

Navigate through the menu to “Add To Playlist” and click the playlist you want.


Total clicks: 2


Move your cursor over the artwork in the lower left hand of the Spotify window and right click.


Click the playlist you want to add the song to.

Total clicks: 2


Click the Upcoming Songs List button.


Click the action button next to the song you want to add to a playlist.


Click “Add To Playlist”

Select the playlist in the pull down menu


Click the Add button

Total Clicks: 5, minimum

This is an example of what I’ve found when comparing Desktop applications and Web-based applications. On the desktop I can have right clicks to access a contextual menu. I can also do some pretty cool things without touching a mouse. With software like Coversutra and Launchbar I can add to my iTunes DJ without taking my hands off the keyboard. I can rate songs quickly which help me create great smart playlists. I can even search Spotify from Launchbar.

But with Rdio it feels like I click a lot of buttons. There are no contextual menus. Besides launching the application, there’s no way to work with Rdio through Launchbar. The lack of these kinds of things are what make web apps feel slower to me.