Why Konami redid the voice acting in the upcoming Silent Hill 2 HD collection

From an interview with Troy Baker, the new voice of James Sunderland in the HD version, about original actor Guy Cihi:

He wanted non-existent money that he felt that he was owed,” he explained. “And [Konami] wanted to use him again. Guy was the one who was outspoken about it and said that unless this happens he wouldn’t do it, so he forced Konami’s hands.

There’s a comparison available somewhere.1 Ah, here it is.

I don’t mind the new performances so much, and I think some of them from that clip are better than the originals, but geeks be upset yo!

What’s not clear to me is if Cihi was the only voice actor replaced or if they replaced all the actors. And if the problem was with Cihi wanting resiudals why replace all the actors?