Spotify Organization Woes

Justin Blanton writes about starring in Spotify and how it weirded out on him.

The Spotify desktop software on the Mac seems to have some bugs. When I use it I notice album art size changes in the playlist views. I’m pestered about syncing my iPhone and iPad even after dismissing the alert. I hadn’t experienced this problem with starring because I don’t use stars. I put everything in playlists.

That exposes a weakness with Spotify. Organization in Spotify is difficult odd. Should I star something? Well, maybe I should star something if I only really like it, like how I would rate music in iTunes. I’ve read elsewhere that people make an “EVERYTHING” playlist for their Spotify libraries. When I browse my friends’s profiles on Spotify I see that many of them make playlists for every singe album they like.

The way I got around to bringing my iTunes collection over to Spotify was to make a static playlist of everything in my iTunes library and import that into Spotify. Spotify ended up chocking on that, timing out whenever it tried to report its contents back to its servers.1 I deleted that playlist.

I thought local files in Spotify were a wonderful addition, but I turned that off because Spotify wants to be the king of the castle and change all my perfect metadata and artwork. So I’ve been using Spotify to discover new music and iTunes to manage and listen to music I know I already like.

Playlists for every little thing. Star states don’t sync. Metadata and artwork gets changed without me doing anything.2 It keeps bugging me about syncing my iPhone. What a mess.

Spotify is great and it’s clear to me that it wants to replace whatever you’re using to listen to music. If I were a teenager right now I don’t know if I’d use anything other than Spotify. But I put a lot of work into my music library. I’d rather have Spotify’s on-demand streaming of new music and playlist syncing in iTunes rather than my iTunes collection in Spotify.

  1. I admit that my iTunes library is excessive. 

  2. This is probably a great feature for a lot of people, but Spotify tries to match every track to a unique ID. If it doesn’t have the album a track is originally from it may see it as belonging to a movie soundtrack instead of what you originally designated it as. I don’t want that.