3500 Samples

The Guardian has a series where people write about their favorite albums. Sam Richards chose The Avalanches Since I Left You, which you may have heard before if the phrase “that boy needs therapy” seems familiar.

This is no Girl Talk-style cut-and-shut job. The title track alone combines elements from a Rose Royce disco record, two different numbers by easy listening jazz guitarist Tony Mottola, a hefty slug of doo wop courtesy of the Duprees, the beats from a Lamont Dozier solo record, some kitsch Latin organ from Klaus Wunderlich, and a pitched-up vocal from a song by obscure 60s pop band the Main Attraction. At times it all feels perilously close to collapse, but the faint sense of queasiness only enhances the trip.

The album’s creators estimate more than 3500 samples used in its creation.