The Spotify Collection Problem

Scott Williams writing about using your Spotify library:

Spotify’s concept of a Library is: “Music you’ve starred, imported, bought, or added to a playlist”. This is a problem for me. If I like an album, I want to add it to my library. The only way to do this is to add it to a playlist or star it. I ended up creating an Everything playlist and dropping stuff in there, which doesn’t feel quite right. Rdio’s library (called Collection) is just a big bucket. You can click on a song or album and add it to your Collection. This makes more sense to me, and seems more analogous to a traditional CD collection.

I feel the same way. I created a static playlist of every 4-star and higher track in iTunes and imported it into Spotify to try to get my iTunes in the cloud experience.

I hadn’t thought of the everything playlist. Think I’ll try it.