“On Spotify” by Ethan Kaplan

The issue for me is how I consume music. I don’t consume music like I consume information. I curate, digest, browse and meander the stacks as it were…What it comes down to is that Spotify democratizes music to such an extent that it becomes just files and audio rather than atomic entities known as albums, artists and genres.

I’m excited for Spotify’s launch in the US, but if you’re at all like this it sounds like you’re still going to be more comfortable in iTunes than any of the streaming services.

$10 a month is great for all you can eat listening, but the problem is that the stacks are easier to browse in iTunes than in streaming services. Genres, smart playlists, ratings…take those things away and you have the current shortcomings of the streaming services. I think that’s enough for music nerds to keep on downloading from torrents than to use something like Spotify.

Yeah, it’s illegal, but it’s competition.