Health Update: Summer 2011

If you’ve been reading for a bit you may know that I’ve been trying to get in better shape and have been following the recommendations of people like Mark Sisson and Dr. Michael Eades.

In November 2010 I wrote:

As far as negative health effects (a few people have told me that they read somewhere that this is dangerous, it can form gall stones or something) I haven’t had any problems, at least to my knowledge. I have my usual checkup in January, so we’ll see how that goes.

Since that date I’ve been trying to be more physically active. Since June I strength train using Fred Hahn’s Slow Burn method. And with summer in full swing I try to get in two games of tennis each week. Doesn’t always happen, but I’m happy when it does because I like tennis and only get a four-month window every year.

I didn’t have my usual checkup until July this year, but everything checked out fine. All cholesterol numbers went down. Weight is down.

To recap, here’s my weight loss from the past year in handy-dandy chart form.

Weight july2011

20 pounds of weight loss in the past year and I expect that number to increase as long as I continue to avoid sugars1 and carbohydrates, and continue with strength training.

I’m currently at 184 and want to get down to 175. Besides that, from my appearance I’m guessing that my body fat percentage is around 20%. I want to decrease that and see what happens.


  1. I’m even drinking my coffee black with no sugar now. It was gross at first. But when I add sugar and dairy back in my morning coffee I feel horrible for the rest of the day.