Nobody Facetimes

Ichat novideo

I’ve been trying to use IM a bit more for keeping in touch with friends, although usually what happens is I talk to the same few people instead of reaching out to people I haven’t chatted with in a while. I don’t usually tweet out personal life things and Facebook has become way too noisy for anything useful anymore. During moments like this morning, when I’m just sitting and web surfing, I’ll open iChat and see what happens.

With iChat becoming more Adium-like in Lion1 I thought I’d give iChat with Chax a try again, thinking that iChat would give me something I’d never tried before: webcam chats.

But what I’m finding out is that nobody I know has, or has enabled, an iSight/Facetime camera. So, for me, Adium’s biggest drawback–the lack of voice and audio chats–is a moot point.

I guess they’re all on Skype.

  1. iChat for Lion consolidates duplicate contacts from multiple services in a single contact, like Adium has done for years. It also will add some kind of plugin system, like Adium has had for years. This is similar to other cases where Apple has developed third-party advancements into their own software, but this kind of thing is a natural progression for chat software. I’ve loved Adium ever since I started using it when I got my first Mac about 9 years ago, and have donated to the project, but with this new iChat adding all these features I don’t see why anyone would continue to use it after Lion…except for things like custom event notifications. I love those in Adium.