“Every life has equal value”

Gates decided vaccinating the world’s disadvantaged is a cost-effective, simple way to help the very poor.

“You get more bang for your buck.”

Why not be the guy who cures cancer instead?

“The motto of the foundation is that every life has equal value. There are more people dying of malaria than any specific cancer. When you die of malaria aged three it’s different from being in your seventies, when you might die of a heart attack or you might die of cancer. And the world is putting massive amounts into cancer, so my wealth would have had a meaningless impact on that.”

This section reminds me of what happens in October when breast cancer is on everybody’s brain. Lung cancer kills more women than breast cancer, but breast cancer gets more attention.1

Anyway, this whole article is good.

  1. This SFgate.com article from 2006 discusses the politics of lung cancer.