“Lester Bangs’ Basement” By Will Wyman

Wyman writes about how things have changed in media, particularly music and movies, where scarcity is no longer a problem.

But sometimes it still is, at least through legal means.

Last year, when I was writing about Klaus Nomi I wanted to get his studio albums. There are no digital versions available through iTunes and Amazon. Why not?

I had Ronnie Laws’s Friends and Strangers on my list of albums to pick up since hearing it sampled on an MF Doom track. Again, not available digitally, although he has a greatest hits compilation out.

Maybe record companies have done the math on some of their older albums and figured out that they’d lose money ripping, tagging, and uploading them for a small audience. Or they don’t want to go through the effort of a digital remaster…or trying to find and/or restore master tapes.

For whatever reason, they aren’t available digitally. So if you wanted to get an edge case album like these then you have two options: Buy an expensive import / used copy or hit up the torrents.