Brain Drain

This report published by North Country Public Radio is one in a series addressing the brain drain1 problem facing rural communities, particularly ones in upstate New York.

But it’s not just rural communities. It’s the upstate cities too:

Newly released Census data shows upstate experiencing relative decline over the last decade, even with a slight uptick in population. Aside from the Capital Region, upstate cities were especially hard hit.

Buffalo shed more than a tenth of its residents; Rochester shrunk by four percent; and the surprise bright spot was Binghamton, which only lost four people.

  1. Brain drain is the name given to the problem when populations move from their home towns and into more populated areas in search of employment that can better appreciate the skills they’ve learned. That results in a deficiency of new businesses and other economic opportunities in those areas, making them, in this case, less attractive to young people and the new talents they could contribute to those communities. Thus the name brain drain