This map say you ignant

This map has been making the rounds.


You may have already seen it on political blogs or other sites where they make fun of the Tea Party.

The implication I’ve seen is that the bible belt doesn’t go out of the country, making them ignorant and stupid. I think using passports to imply that is a mistake.

It’s fun to point and laugh and talk about how uncultured a region of the country is, but is that really what passport ownership conveys? Surely it’s no coincidence that states closer to the Canadian and Mexican borders have more passport ownership than those that are landlocked. One of the reasons this map was created was to compare US passport ownership with the Europeans. Surely European citizens are more likely to own passports than US citizens – countries are closer in Europe.

If you truly wanted a map that showed that kind of information by state you might use something like high school dropout figures.